Third Man Records
Seth at The Parthenon
Pants and Brisket
The Casbah in NC
Puppy at the Pie Shop in DC

Back in Brooklyn after our SXSW run.  Had a nice homecoming last night at Arlene’s with our tour mates The Wicked Tomorrow.  Some great shows and some insane drives–we’re a little scared to calculate the number of hours spent holed up in the Green Monster over the past couple of weeks but thank god for Words With Friends.

Fell in love with Nashville over the two days we were there; the vibe there is incredible.  Everyone just gets up onstage to play, passing guitars around, killing it.  Poked our heads into Third Man and confirmed Jack White is The Man, peeped The Parthenon – very strange, felt like a weird movie set, but still kind of cool.  Also hung out in the best bar ever and terrorized the bartender with 15 minute renditions of “This Is Home” segueing into Joe Cocker “Feeling Alright”.  Pulled off a Petty cover onstage sans rehearsal.  Also confirmed that Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac are the most played artists on US radio, although Taylor Swift is quickly catching up.  Hit Graceland on our way out of TN.

SXSW was even crazier than last year and crazier than we expected.  Kicked things off by showing up to the wrong venue location for our first show, walking frantically 15 blocks in the wrong direction with our gear, realizing that there is a Congress Ave and a South Congress Ave and hitch hiking to our gigs and back to the Green Monster.  Spent Saturday afternoon at Jim Eno’s studio eating tacos and geeking out.  Speechless. Favorite show would have to be The Ginger Man with Jimmy Gnecco of Ours.  Best voice.  Insane band.  So glad we got to share the stage with them.  Didn’t get to see as many other bands as we would have liked, but of the ones we did see our fellow Brooklynites Savoir Adore absolutely crushed, as did our boys The Gay Blades who invited us to play with them in Mississippi for the first time.

Drove an endless highway through the swamps of Louisiana on our way to Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Stopped at a gas station that also happened to serve the best bbq brisket sandwich of all time.  They also sold lots of fishing supplies and cajun stuff.  Showed up, place looked like a ghost town, no one in sight, front of the venue was completely deserted, thought the whole thing might have been a practical joke.  Found The Gay Blades van in an alley around the corner and a secret entrance to the venue by the train tracks.  Once inside, the venue was beautiful, great vibe and the crowd had some of the sweetest people we’ve met.  Mark Hattiesburg down as a place we’ll pass through again.

Somehow made it to Durham, NC the next night for another show in another beautiful venue again right next to a railroad.  Found Chinese food across the street, crushed dinner specials, confirmed we were getting closer to New York City.  Crashed at Robal’s brother Spencer’s place.  Nicest kid.  Great midnight burgers.  Great breakfast.  Good night sleep.

We convinced the Green Monster to drive us to DC.  Missed sound check, crushed DC Italian style – paninis and parmesan.  The pie people came out in full force and we’re too kind to us as always.  Stayed above the pie shop and had the best night sleep of the tour, not sure if it was the memory foam or the puppy.  Snacked on some morning pies before the final trek back to NYC to realize its still winter.   Recuperating over the next week and gearing up for the final night of our Arlene’s residency next Thursday.